Be a Disciple…

Through wORSHIP and Bible study

Worship and Bible study are foundational for discipleship. On Sunday mornings we gather to worship as a church family. At these times we focus on the gospel through preaching, teaching, singing, praying, and celebrating baptism and the Lord’s Supper. Additionally, we gather in smaller groups and classes at various times during the week for Bible study. As we study God’s word we become better equipped for a life of discipleship.

Come to a Worship service

Participate in a Bible study

Make Disciples…

by serving, sharing our faith, and living missionally

Serving, sharing our faith, and living missionally naturally flow out of discipleship. God extends grace and mercy to us and we are to extend it to others as well. All of this is for His glory and not ours. We do each of these with love, humility, generosity, and hospitality.

Ways to Serve

Live Missionally


Be the Church…

in the context of a Hope Group

Community is the context for discipleship. We don’t follow Jesus in isolation. Rather, we were made to be in relationship – with God and each other. We don’t go to church. We ARE the church. This happens best within the context of a Hope Group, our small group communities.

Join a Hope Group