The College Ministry Team at Living Hope exists to be a first point of contact for college students. Our goal is to make disciples of every student God brings to our church by connecting them with a local body of believers where they will be held accountable and be taught to obey everything Jesus commanded.

For Living Hope and many in our community, August marks the beginning of another season. Later this month our children will return to school, friends will return from summer vacations, and our college members and guests will return for another semester. It is also a time when our community gets an influx of unfamiliar faces as another class of freshman come to campus. This time always reminds me of the special opportunity we have to reach the nations through the college students and professors we encounter. What do we do with that opportunity? I want to encourage each of us to consider that God is calling students to Living Hope! Let's join Him where He is at work in the lives of these students!

This doesn't have to be hard. It is truly as simple as inviting someone to your house for a meal or spending time with them on Sunday morning making sure they feel welcomed and loved. Let's be known as a church with a heart for college students!

Aggie Move-In, Sunday, August 20 @ 8 a.m.
Howdy Cookout, Monday, August 21 @ 6 p.m.
Watch for details for both ministry opportunities!

If you are interested in learning more about where you can get involved in the lives of college students, or desire more information, please email us at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . - Trouper

Why College Ministry?

In a town where a majority of the population is comprised of college students, this can seem like a silly question. However, what we believe about the church and its purpose determines how we answer this question and whether or not that answer is biblical. We follow a Titus 2 model where the older and younger are obviously connected in the ministry of the church. So our college students are being equipped for ministry much like they are academically, hopefully seeing the value they bring to the local church. For most churches, having college students means hosting programs and events just for them. At Living Hope, we believe that more programs and events for college students are just the opposite of what they need. College students are bombarded with Bible studies, Christian clubs, and opportunities to hear messages and sing songs every day. However, Jesus taught that service and connection were absolutely essential to growth (see Matthew 20:25-28 and Hebrews 3:12-14).

Our desire is that every student would be connected to a local church as an important, growing, and faithfully serving member. Without commitment to the local church, all of us would continue to live apart from real accountability to do the things God commands in His Word. We would all seek to serve ourselves rather than others. That’s not okay, so we set up our College Ministry to help students know Christ and plug in to His Church as vital parts of the body. We hope you will embrace this vision and help us achieve these goals. We want to make a difference to the ends of the earth.

How will this ministry really work?

It has to work! God is building His Church, so we trust Him with the folks He brings us. More than 60% of our members are college students, so every aspect of our church family will be impacted by these students. College students will be a part of your Hope Group, your ministry teams, core discipleship classes, community workdays, worship services, and your everyday life. Interacting with and getting to share life with our students is a blessing in every sense of the word. For both families and students, we have seen God use these relationships for spiritual growth and sweet and protecting accountability. We are truly part of one Body! A good time to have students over is:

  • while you do laundry, work on the car, or wash the dishes;
  • when the kids are playing nicely;
  • when the kids need correction;
  • for breakfast, lunch, and/or dinner;
  • when the house is a wreck; or
  • during family devotions.

The point is that there is never a bad time to have students over. They want to know you—the real you—not the you that is all put together in the immaculately clean house that only looks that way for a few short hours once per month. God desires to use you and your family to build lifelong relationships with these students. God desires to use our college students to bless and help our families in authentic community.

I think I’d like to serve on this ministry team. What would I do as a member of the College Ministry Team?

As a member of the College Ministry Team, you would be expected to attend meetings as announced (generally before big activities and for planning). During our meetings, we work together to seek God’s vision for our ministry, plan events, and analyze how we are helping the body to invest in the lives of college students. It’s a great way to be on the front lines of a very important ministry to this community and to the world!

I don’t believe God is calling me to serve on this ministry team permanently, but I’d still like to help. What can I do?

Here are some ways you can help:

  • Mentor a student. Many college students grew up in a home where biblical values were not held or practiced. By identifying unconnected students and intentionally making them a part of your everyday life and routine, you can mentor an eager young man or woman as you simply “do life.” We ask all of our servants and mentors to undergo a background check.
  • Participate in special events. We host various events throughout the year like College Worship Nights and the annual Night of Worship in the spring, and you are always welcome to attend and/or help with these events. Come out and show the college students you care.
  • Ask every student you see if they are in a Hope Group. Show interest in our students by meeting new ones each week and then asking if they are not connected to a Hope Group and a ministry team. Invite those who do not have a Hope Group to come to yours that week! We want to see every student plugged in to a group who loves them and cares for them in practical ways.

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