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In prayer, we connect our impotence with God's unlimited power. As a church, we are committed to learn to pray like Jesus. We humbly admit that apart from God, we are nothing. Andrew Murray, in his great book on prayer entitled The Ministry of Intercessory Prayer, states, "Christ meant prayer to be the great power by which His Church should do its work, and the neglect of prayer is the great reason the Church lacks greater power over the masses in Christian and heathen countries." We confess this sin of prayerlessness and yield ourselves to the Holy Spirit in us to give us a passion for dependant, prevailing prayer.

Here at Living Hope, we know and are learning that prayer is personal involvement in God's kingdom agenda here on earth. Therefore, we have set up many exciting opportunities for our body to pray:

  • We have Intercessory Prayer, a time of honest intercession about pressing issues and needs, each Monday starting at 9 a.m.
  • We have a Prayer Room that is currently open whenever the building is open.
  • We make honest and directed personal prayer a vital part of our Hope Groups.
  • We also have a Summer Prayer List which consists of specific prayer requests of our members, for the current summer, who will be gone or moving over the summer months, so that we can continue in communtiy with them by lifting them up in prayer.

We know prayer makes a difference, but so few pray. Thus, with the disciples, we ask Jesus to teach us to pray. Andrew Murray speaks wisely to the Church, telling us that rather than get discouraged, “Let your faith rest boldly on His finished work. Let your heart wholly identify itself with Him in His death and His life. Like Him, give yourself to God a sacrifice for men. It is your highest nobility, it is your true and full union with Him; it will be to you, as to Him, your power of intercession.” We ask the Lord to answer this request for His people as He enables and burdens His people to pray.

Recent Sermons

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April 14, 2019
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March 31, 2019

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