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Welcome to the Hospitality Ministry Team page! Thank you for taking the time to learn more about this vital ministry of Living Hope! So does the Hospitality Ministry Team do? I’m glad you asked! Our team is here to make sure members and guests feel welcome and loved every time they come to our campus. We accomplish this goal through our three sub-teams:
Greeting: Our greeters offer a warm welcome to those who enter our doors every Sunday and helps visitors find their way around. Our greeting team also serves in our parking area to help direct traffic into and out of the church parking lot. No matter where they serve, our greeters want to help make members and newcomers alike feel noticed and wanted!
Fellowship Café: Our Fellowship Café serves up the “Java Love.” They provide coffee and tea to any who want it. If you enjoy great conversation and the aroma of coffee, then this might be the place for you!
Ushers: These men help people find seats in the worship center and take up the offering during the service. This also happens to be an excellent opportunity to work alongside our Finance Ministry Team!

Many of us practice hospitality out of habit, which is good, but we really need to remember how important hospitality is. Nine years ago I came to Living Hope disillusioned with church and questioning where God was sending me and my family. After a long time of looking for a church with setbacks and disappointments, we came to Living Hope expecting more of the same. What we experienced was something totally different. As we drove into the church parking lot, we were greeted with cheering parking lot attendants. At the front door, we received warm handshakes and real smiles. What really had an impact on us was the way the church welcomed our very shy, then three-year-old, son to the preschool. Living Hope loved him out of his shyness. We were treated as family by not only the ushers and greeters, but everyone else that we came across. That was just on our first visit! We were welcomed in a way we had never experienced, and soon after, we joined. Had we not experienced this level of genuine hospitality, we would not have joined. It is hard to think about how different our lives would be had we not joined Living Hope. I am sure ours is not the only story like this.

At Living Hope, we stress hospitality. The church body places members in positions to practice hospitality in the safety of Living Hope’s walls, in hopes that we would practice hospitality outside of these walls. As members of Living Hope, we are asked to greet 3-5 new people each Sunday. We are given permission to forget someone’s name 100 times. (Thanks Pastor Butch.) We park far away so that our visitors have closer parking spots. We even sit closer to the front so that our guests can have seats without embarrassment. This is all done not to check off a list, but to help us practice hospitality as a second nature, and in hopes that we welcome in the lost and hurting.

Hospitality breaks barriers and is one of many ways that we can share the love of Christ with others. Hospitality does not come easily to everyone, especially introverted persons such as myself. But, praise God, He can change our hearts. If you feel called to join us in welcoming guests, please consider joining the Hospitality Ministry Team or the PIE Ministry where we reach out to guests in their homes and help them feel loved and welcomed! You can do this by emailing This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . - Robbie

Special Activites

In addition to these regular areas of service, the Hospitality Ministry Team coordinates special events including: Koinonia Suppers, Watermelon Fellowship, BSM Lunches, and Potluck Suppers. How can I serve? You are just reading my mind today! We would love to have people join us as we “seek to hospitality” (Romans 12:13b)! As with all Ministry Teams at Living Hope, only members can serve on the Hospitality Ministry Team. Already a member? Great! We are looking for people who will commit to serving at least 1 weekend per month and who will be faithful to attend our team meetings. We would love to have you join us in an area in which you have a particular passion or desire! For those who are more administrative-minded, we have opportunities for you to utilize your talent in service to the Lord as well! If you feel led to any (or all) of the activities of the Hospitality Ministry Team, please email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it for more information.

Team Leader: Trouper Krueger

Recent Sermons

Hebrews 12:1-5
August 20, 2017
Acts 6:8-15
August 13, 2017
Luke 19:1-10
August 06, 2017
Mark 7:24-30
July 30, 2017

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